About HMD

Health & Medical Directories, Inc. is in its twenty-first year of publishing complete, compact, user-friendly guides to community physicians, health care providers, facilities, services, equipment and supplies. We currently service two central Florida areas, with the Citrus County Directory and the Tri-County Directory (27/441 corridor - Belleview, Lady Lake & The Villages, Leesburg, Tavares, Eustis, Mt. Dora and surrounding areas). Each of the directories is available on-line as well. Please visit our website: www.healthmeddir.com.

For those interested in advertising, please submit your inquiry or call our office today! After all, what other media outlet offers a full year of coverage, both in print and on-line, at one low rate? Feedback from the public, from our advertisers, from the local health/medical and business communities has been substantial—all agree that these community directories are the ‘go-to’ for every health and medical related need.

One area in which we receive compliments, is our method of distribution, which is one that ‘blankets’ the entire community. The directories are provided free of charge to all health and medical facilities and providers. From there, they are made available to local Chambers of Commerce, to pharmacies, Realtors, welcome wagons, retirement communities, banks, restaurants, and other retail establishments. There are hundreds of locations in each of the areas we service, at which anyone can pick up a complimentary copy of two. Key locations are restocked throughout the year until the directories are gone.

Health and Medical Directories, Inc. welcomes you as a user or as an advertiser. Hopefully, this website will easily provide you with all of the information you seek, or you may contact the publisher, Dena Tarkington, directly. We welcome your comments, suggestions and\or questions!